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Jan 17, 2017

1. Cameron Diaz

2. Hamish Has Never Managed To Achieve A Tan

3. Do You Use ‘Date Bait’ To Help Meet People?

4. Hamish And Andy Are Being Dads This Week. Andy Has Taken The Role Of The Mother

5. *Bonus* Hamish Tries To Surprise Kids With The Yellow Wiggle, Murray

6. Caravan Of Courage – The Boys Were Pulled Over By The Police

7. Caravan Of Courage – The Bowls Club Challenge

8. Caravan Of Courage – The Boys Drop In To Cobram Caravans

9. Caravan Of Courage – Hamish Thought Andy Was Doing Something Strange In The Caravan…

10. Hamish Waits For A Furniture Delivery

11. *Bonus* Christina Aguilera