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Jan 23, 2017

1. Dial-A-Joke

2. Hamish's Dad's Birthday

3. Hamish Started A Food Plan With His Girlfriend

4. Live Spat With Dools And Linda On Triple J

5. Horgs Thinks That He Is In The Truman Show.

6. *Bonus* The Boys Convince Horgs They Can Now Use Technology To Watch His Every Move

7. Reveal The Final Chip Flavour

8. Blast From The Past – Hamish Has To Give A Stranger A Psychic Prediction

9. Doris Roberts From Everybody Loves Raymond

10. Brody The News Reader Crying During His Last News Break

11. Andy Hasn’t Kissed His Girlfriend In 6 Weeks

12. *Bonus* Daryl Braith-Mate