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May 25, 2007

Today on the show, the boys asked the question, 'has a friend ditched you for a celebrity?' and Lilly phoned in and told her story about ditching her friend Loraina for Peter Andre! The boys confronted their mate Shaun Gough who once wore pants that were half cords, and half jeans. Also today, Andy is shopping for a new bed so he was trying to get a deal but called the wrong bloke and Hamish was talking about a guy that was arrested for dressing up as a Star Wars character. The boys asked the question, 'where does your nan hide her money?' and they challenged Jet to a busk-off and got Nick from Jet on the phone. As always on a Friday, the show ended with another episode of Fred Basset, but this time while Hamish was reading Fred Basset, Andy played sound effects of Fred being killed.