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Dec 3, 2007

It's our last show for the year and we broadcast live from Wet 'n' Wild on the Gold Coast! We catch up with Moosey, Horgs, and reflect on an old controversial segment 'Jewellery Magic!' Also, find out what Andy has planned for Hamish's last Fred Basset for the year!

Nov 30, 2007

Hear how Andy's girlfriend keeps buying herself his Xmas present ideas, another left over segment is revealed, and we talk to David Fuhrer the talking backwards guy!

Nov 29, 2007

Dan and Dave have their Dance Off, the boys ask 'What have you splurged on before you combined finances?', and David Guest is on the show. Also, Andy gets busted in Blast From The Past and the boys ask 'Have you touched Beckham?'

Nov 28, 2007

Hamish wants to know how old is too old for a nanny and the boys talk to Mick Malloy who is promoting Movember. Also, Hamish puts all 40 flavours of jelly bellys in his mouth and the boys ask 'Have you taken your own gift?'

Nov 27, 2007

A listener to the show emailed asking for Hamish & Andy's help. He danced at room 208 and made a deal with his mate to split the $1000 prize money. Seven years later his mate hasn't coughed up! Also, Hamish & Andy talk to Tony Martin and Richard Marsland, and the boys pull a Christmas prank on all of the staff at the...