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Jan 24, 2017

1. Automated Mother’s Day Messages

2. Talk To Caroline Who Is Being Held Hostage By A Monster Pig

3. Hamish Hurt Himself Trying To Breakdance

4. Phoner – Have You Hurt Yourself Trying To Show Off

5. Sketch – Burn For You – John Farnham The Musical

6. *Bonus* Fred Basset Is Being Pulled From The Adelaide Advertiser

7. Seb Announces That They Will Do Another 60000

8. Andy Went To The Dentist

9. We Are Intent On Saving Pandas

10. How Do You Spy On Your Kids?

11. Hamish Pranks Vulcan, Pretending To Be Hunter From The New Series Of Gladiator

12. *Bonus* Andy Tries To Bribe An Airline Hostess