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Nov 24, 2017

1- It's our last show in the studio and to celebrate, we barge into Grumpy Dave's office to quit!

2- We re-wrote Sam Smith's Too Good at Goodbyes to Too Good at Hellos - check out the video online.

3- We're looking for people to drive us to the final gig in Melbourne in Fleet & Greet + CALLS - who's the most important person you have driven? 

4 - The PA System is back for 1 last time

5- Segments from yester-year: Incredible Drops - Hamish shares an avocado incredible drop from a listener + Calls

6 - Fond memories: Hamish remembers the celebrities who thought he was 'cute'

7 - Montage - Cool Boys & The Frontman tour journey so far 

8 - Jazz Chat + Jacks Mistake