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Jun 26, 2017

1.  Eliza believes she has a special gift - guessing baby names... Do you have a special gift? 

2. Andy's mate is an identical twin which brought him undone recently + Calls - Twin Security Breachs

3. Total cost of the Andy, by Hamish photoshoot

4. Andy, by Hamish Photoshoot Cost - Call to Mario at Chemist Warehouse 

5. Hamish went to the doctor for a sore shoulder, but was told it's due to his stomach door being open! + Calls - Where was the pain? What was treated?

6. Hamish's Darlin' Experiment

7. Sketch: Great Barrier Reef on Antiques Roadshow

8. Inaccurate F1 "history making" headline 

9. True Story - Interview with the star of tonight's show, Raff!