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Feb 28, 2024

Hamish & Andy are back for 2024 and are wondering what the show stands for this year, and what might be better left in the past. Speaking of the past, Andy discovers Alicia Keys' SuperBowl blunder has been wiped from the internet, leaving the gang to discuss classic Hamish & Andy blunders they'd rather rewrite. Andy's...

Dec 13, 2023

Season 5 of Hamish and Andy's Remembering Project is out now wherever you get your podcasts.

New episodes drop every Thursday across Summer... and you can hear them 1 week earlier on the Free LiSTNR App (or at for International listeners).

Nov 29, 2023

1. Extraordinary Discovery: Mr. Ralph meets Jack 
2. Loose ends & fart emails 
3. Kris Kringle - gifts we hate 
4. Goodbye for 2023 & Remembering Project for summer 

Nov 22, 2023

1. Darcy under the microscope - robot vacuum 
2. Upset Andy 
3. Must be very nice merchandise infomercial 
4. Best phone number 
5. Sea-Monkeys dig in 

Nov 15, 2023

1. H&A bling fling - new Must Be Very Nice merch 
2. Power Moves 
3. Tales of Facebook Marketplace 
4. Josh the nickname machine - Special skill 
5. Henri as a housemate