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Aug 31, 2007

Andy was talking about people who go trawling for compliments, Hamish had to ask someone to look after his horse for him in another Blast From The Past, and the boys ask 'What's the most embarrassing toilet stop you've ever had to make?' Then they talk to Peter who needs to go to the toilet and he tests if a...

Aug 30, 2007

Hamish & Andy talk to Peter Costello about the Kids Menu 4 Everybody campaign and then they launch a mini campaign to get Kevin Rudd (or K-Rudd) on the show. Also, the boys ask 'Have you made an official looking sign?' and Hamish thinks it's ok to recycle snotty tissues.

Aug 28, 2007

Hamish & Andy talk to Delta Goodrem, Andy discusses the bond between dried cornflake and bowl, and the boys ask 'How do your parents get you excited about science?' Also, Hamish has noticed that the word 'style' is being used in marketing, and Andy pulls a prank pretending to have a massive delay on the phone!

Aug 28, 2007

Hamish & Andy chat about James Blundell leaving his wife and children and hooking up with an Australian Idol contestant, Daniel McPherson drops to chat about City Homocide, meanwhile Steve Curry calls up to chat about how he is sick of hearing about City Homocide, and Moosey talks to the boys about her feud with 50...

Aug 27, 2007

Hamish & Andy have Hayden sitting in the Pancake Parlour to see if they will serve him from the kids menu, Hamish pranks his housemate Jon by pretending to be Bappi the cleaner, the boys talk to Kerry from the Wollonbilly White Waratahs, and Andy has downloaded the new Bette Middler song. Also, Hamish's dad is playing...