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Aug 30, 2008

Brendan Fraser, star of the Mummy films, gives Hamish and Andy therapy sessions. We pick the winner of our Business Fairies competition. Vince Colosimo drops by the studio. We turn to listener Irish Dave to answer your relationship questions and Andy does a Walk Out on Fred Basset.

Aug 28, 2008

Hamish goes on a date with Make Me A Supermodel's Tyson Beckford. We pitch a show to Jamie Durie. Andy finds a new way to exit boring conversations. Ways to show your ex she shouldn't have dumped you. All this and Alicia Keys!

Aug 27, 2008

We give Stephanie Rice and Eamon Sullivan the chance to ask someone else how their relationship is going. We find out what you lobbied to get at your school after cartwheels are banned by a Queensland principle. Hamish and Andy on Neighbours and Jules Lund gets creamed!

Aug 26, 2008

Hamish was in a car accident on Saturday night, have you ever embarrassed yourself in an emergency situation? Andy's hatred for cats, Bear Jails in Canada and the Aussie athletes arrive home from the games.

Aug 25, 2008

What has your Dad made a vendetta against? Hamish and Andy become Business Fairies. Can potato chips be poisonous? How to score points with your girlfriend and Hamish star-spotting.