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Feb 27, 2017

1. Kevin Rudd PM

2. Hamish addicted to Candy Crush

3. Science Experiment - Can Andy smell what Hame had for lunch in his fart?

4. Giving kids pointless tasks

5. Cafe Rules

6. *BONUS* The Psychic Dream that Adam Levine will perform on last show at a waterpark.

Feb 27, 2017

1. iPhone Ringtone Concert Series

2. Andy harassed Kerry Armstrong

3. An rap about wrong fast food orders

4. Breaking into Smileys House

5. Awkward Horn Autograph

6. *BONUS* Blowing Pepper up Andy's Nose

Feb 27, 2017

1. Hamish nearly knocked over a Bikie's Harley

2. The Rules of Golf

3. Radio Tinder with Trav

4. Andy's crush on DJ Havana Brown

5. *BONUS* Future DJ Havana Brown calls in

6. Horgs Invention - Fart Pills

7. Radio Apprentice with Cackling Jack

8. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

9. *BONUS* Zero Dark Flirty

Feb 27, 2017

1. Ed Sheeran vs the Playlist

2. Titanic Movie in a Minute

3. Brent the Mixmaster - Sweet and Sour Sauce X

4. Garbo's going through the trash

5. Accidental Extra

6. *BONUS* Titanic Ride in Sydney + Teenage Boob Sighting

Feb 27, 2017

1. Radio Survivor

2. Talking to a Bird on the Phone

3. Dr Ray Baxter from Big Brother

4. Forgetting Andy's Birthday

5. Testing the Radio Station's Security

6. Giant Lolly Bananas

7. *BONUS* Phone Charger Wars

8. *BONUS* The Alarm Andy didn't know he had