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Mar 31, 2008

Brad Blanks tried to track down Kate Bosworth, we found out about your lifetime bans, challanged some urban myths, and of course it's Friday so Fred Bassett was inflicted on us once again!

Mar 28, 2008

Matt Tilley reveals he's a graffiti artist, Rove drops in to promote his show with a megaphone, and hear the first ever successful Trading Post game!

Mar 26, 2008

Hamish and Andy's Ideas Bonanza comes to a close; Stephanie Rice endures some Rice based puns; and we ask whether your partner has ever seen you without make-up on?

Mar 26, 2008

Hamish and Andy's Ideas Bonanza continues as the boys go skydiving in an attempt to gather more ideas. Plus, today we chat to TV star and good mate of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian.

Mar 21, 2008

Hamish thinks he has figured out the deal with relationships, Andy reveals his hate for long emails, and the boys chat to current Cleo Bachelor Jason Dundas.