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Apr 3, 2017

1 - Today is Eat the Board day, but Hamish is still feeling off from Fridays food  poisoning

2 - Hamish has been copping heat on Instagram

3 - We'll start eating shortly

4 - Talking strategies, and the eating begins

5 - Michelle wants to know how Andy enjoyed the Fillet o Fish?

6 - Nunny has been so inspired, he's at McDonalds now

7 - Taylor congratulates Andy on being the bigger man, taking the Chicken & Cheese

8 - Jack has been inspired to finally begin his 2000 word essay

9 - Kath says we need to stand and wriggle the food down

10 - Hame’s wife Zoe is here for moral support

11 - Eat the Board the movie – how we thought today would go

12 - Tiffany Hall has got some words of encouragement for us

13 - Hamish begs Matt for nugget & Angus Burger mercy

14 - We’re on a rampage...until Andy spews

15 - Hamish also spews. We failed, but we're awarding ourselves a win!